Anti-Tinnitus Foods

Anti-Tinnitus Foods

Tinnitus is a condition that affects many, and is very distracting, and at times, painful. It is the perception of sound inside the ear, but is not a disease, rather a common symptom for ear infections, foreign objects in the ear canal, and nose allergies. Causes of tinnitus are relatively unknown, but it has been known to get worse with age or come from a genetic cause. The most common cause of tinnitus is hearing loss caused by loud noises. The condition is quite common in the older population, about one in five of people aged 55 to 65 reported having the condition on a general health questionnaire.

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Many scientific studies and regular people have reported that your diet, and the food you eat, can cause tinnitus. Foods can affect your tinnitus negatively, or positively, as proven by Michael Seidman, MD. Many claim that eating salty foods can cause a worsening of the symptom. Other negative diets include sugar, saturated fat, trans-fat, nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol. Pre-processed foods and fast foods generally contain a lot of these negative factors, such as trans-fats, salts, and sugar, and as such, should be avoided to prevent alleviation of the pain.

The reason why salts can cause tinnitus or worsening of it is because of its nature. Too much salt restricts blood flow through the blood vessels, increases blood pressure, and reduces blood flow to the ears, eyes and brain. Many studies and laboratory experiments have shown that increased blood pressure leads to worsening of tinnitus. Pre-processed foods and fast foods generally contain a lot of salt to preserve the food and extend its life ergo, cut down or cut off your intake of said foods.

Sugar is known to be beneficial to the body in controlled amounts. The brain and ears require some glucose to function properly. and without it, they can function improperly or be damaged. After reading this, you would think to increase your sugar intake, but this is incorrect, and dangerous. Studies have shown that a large percentage, almost 92% of people, have a condition known as hyperinsulinemia. This condition means that your body injects more insulin into the bloodstream, which is usually attributed to people with Type II Diabetes. This condition occurs because the body becomes ineffective in providing needed sugars to the body, and as such, more insulin is produced and sent through the blood stream.

Diet Soda. This product is advertised as being a way to cut out sugar from your diet, and improve your diet and make you skinnier. So very not true. This is a big scam and lie, and whoever had the great idea of putting aspartame in a drink should be prosecuted. This chemical is worse than sugar itself. It is known as a excitatory neuro-transmitter in the brain. In essence, it kills neurons in the brain, and leads to damage in the nervous system. It then causes craving in sugar, and actually worsens your diet. These products should be avoided at all costs.